Okay, glass elevators make me nervous -

Okay, glass elevators make me nervous

Okay, I’ll be really honest, hieghts make me a bit nervous. Kinda ironic as my previous career was a firefighter/paramedic. Having to climb tall ladders was part of the job but it’s much different if someone’s life depends on you climbing that ladder.

The psych unit at Akron Children’s  is on the eighth floor and the problem I have with that is that the elevator is glass or open. Meaning you see eveything. I’m not super fond of that evevator trip. It does kinda freak me a out a little because when you actually see the ground coming up fast it feels like the elevator isn’t slowing down fast enough. I know….pretty sad..right? Sure, but this video makes it look MUCH slower then it actually is….I swear.


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