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So I, on occasion, take Gavin to the grocery store. I do this when I have the energy and/or the time to keep up with him. He loves to push the cart but struggles with little things, like innocent people walking up and down aisle, the aisles themselves and of course me.

It easily takes twice as long as it should but I’m hoping that practice makes perfect…..or at least better. Perhaps I’m a bad parent for saying this but based on his ability to push a cart around the grocery store, I can’t imagine a day that he could get behind the wheel of a car. I believe Gavin is capable of many things, however, driving is not one of them…….at least for now…..or as long as I’m breathing. Alright, that’s a bit harsh…..but seriously……… watch out 😉



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IMHO, cart pushing is really good sensory input. One OT explained it to me like this — you stand on your legs, your lower body bears all your weight, it gets a lot more input than your upper body. So any time you do anything with the upper body, it's more effective, because it is almost 'neglected', if that makes any sense? I'd love for my kid to be able to drive, then I don't have to be a taxi driver any more. 🙂
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Your right it is. I hope Gavin will someday drive as well. Right now I was more referring to him not paying enough attention to everyone and everything around him. We had a few VERY close calls yesterday. It makes a lot of sense that this is good for him to do and that's why I continue to try this. I just don't always have the time. I totally agree about hoping to someday not be a taxi service. Good luck my friend and wish me luck as well 🙂