Is there an app for that? Where are the apps for Adults with #Autism? -

Is there an app for that? Where are the apps for Adults with #Autism?

It occurred to me today, as I was patiently waiting for our iPad to update to iOS 7, that there is a huge focus on apps for kids with #Autism. That’s fantastic and you can find a plethora of apps for both iOS and my personal favorite, android. 🙂

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Having said that, how many of these apps are designed with adults on the Autism Spectrum in mind?

I won’t pretend to know everything that an adult with Autism would need in an app but I have a few ideas. Essentially, I thought of what my kids would benefit from, as they seek to gain as much independence as possible.

Here are a few of my ideas:

1) User friendly day planner (calendar)

– This would help to maintain appointments and schedules.

2) An app to help manage medications

– My oldest is on a great many medications and an app that would help him to manage these on his         own, would be amazing.

3) A user friendly banking app

– This would be useful in helping the person manage their money and maintain a budget


These may not be of benefit to every adult on the Autism Spectrum but they would be to mine. I would love to hear your ideas on what you think would be a great app for your child with Autism as they enter adulthood. I would also love to hear from the adults with Autism and what they think they would benefit.

Perhaps someone will read this and turn one of your ideas into an app. 🙂

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Hi Rob. I would suggest you have a look at : one of the largest lists of apps for people with autism. You will see that the list is organized into categories, so you will be able to focus on those apps that address a specific need, whether for a child or an adult.
It is true that the majority of apps are clearly designed for children, but there are also a few that will be useful for adults. 
I hope this helps!


There is sometimes I need an app and it is not there and for banking, I have seen the other banking apps but I do like Chases app it is basic and I like that.


SpiritOfAutism I have the same question? APPS for adults please! All the ones we love modified for adults with same learning needs.


Lost_and_Tired, I so agree.


AutismParentMag Lost_and_Tired Love the ideas you’ve suggested. Adults with autism are too frequently left out of the edtech conversation.


AspieWriter we need some! I have some ideas.

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