This is what happens when you pee on my porch

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We have a large, open front porch, with indoor/outdoor carpet. For years now the stray cats in the neighborhood having been peeing on the carpet. It’s a horrible smell, especially when it’s humid. I’ve bleached the porch countless times.

We have never actually caught one of these cats in the act of peeing on the porch…..that is….until today.  Maggie was let outside to go potty and all the sudden went nuts. Next thing I know I hear a cat hissing and Maggie trying to get underneath the steps to the porch. Out of nowhere this cat launches itself across the porch, over our fence and into this tree.

The whole thing happened in like 15 secs but it was a long time coming. Maggie woundn’t have hurt the cat she just enjoys chasing them…..but…that cat doesn’t know that. I would hope that it will think twice before using my front porch as a litter box again. Hopefully it will tell all it’s friends to STAY AWAY.

Also, our city will NOT address the unbelievable amount of stray cats around here. We can’t trap them and take them to the shelter either. Sigh



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I would suggest using Nature's Miracle. You can get it from pet stores. It's around $20 for a gallon, I believe. Use it on the urine (before using any other cleaning products) and it will get the smell out. You may have to use a lot since there is years of urine on there, but it will come out eventually. What a pain in the butt!


We have used that in the past. Great idea…… 😉