Preserving the family

Preserving the family

The past few days have been pretty rough ones for Gavin. Last night he had a huge meltdown. He once again began to self-injure, biting,hitting and scratching himself. Today the struggle continued, as Gavin’s choices lead to both Elliott and Emmett getting hurt.

When he had his bloodwork this afternoon it was a complete disaster. Gavin was in pure drama mode and was so out of control that he made the lab tech jump while she was switching tubes.

Lizze’s mom called and we decided to send Gavin to stay with her parents for a little while. Sometimes you have to preserve the needs of the many over the needs few. Gavin right now needs to be in a different environment and we need the break. We will still struggle with Emmett but Gavin was VERY destabilizing and so something had to give. He’s safe and honestly, having a good time so I’m not worried.

When you are a parent to special needs kids you are likely to have to make the “tough” decisions. This is one such decision. Dr. Pattie is on board and thought it was a good idea. Elliott is not happy with this so we are taking advantage of the time and have some fun together. We are camping out in the living room and having snacks while he plays Viva Pinata on the XBOX 360. In a few minutes we will be turning that off and continuing our Harry Potter Marathon.

I think Elliott will benefit from the attention and the break in the never ending Gavin drama. Hopefully this will help the entire Lost and Tired family to get a short nut much needed break. Gavin will be missed but his behaviors won’t. Hopefully that males sense.

– Lost and Tired

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I'm so sorry that you had to make this choice, but I totally understand doing it. My son, who I love more than anything, has been so aggressive with his sister that we've contemplated ways to keep them separate. I hope your family is able to get a lot out of this time,
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Thank you for sharing. I hope you find some pease as well. My thoughts are with your family….

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