The CDD Journey: When it rains it pours

The CDD Journey: When it rains it pours

I just received a phone call from Dr. R’s office stating that Gavin had exceeded his coverage limits for the year.  They received a letter stating exactly that.

Now Gavin is on disability and so is covered by Medicaid.  We have never run into this before and so I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  We have no idea what new medical care or interventions Gavin is going to need.  I will be spending my day on the phone figuring out what the heck is going on and what our options are,  if any at all.


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Pratiksha Shrestha

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Amy Knox

One of the best things our early interventionist taught me was to never give your child's Medicaid number to the school. The "disability medicaid" our kids get does have lifetime spending limits and our kids therapies are expensive. Schools are required to give your child services whether they are insured or not. If they have your child's number they are allowed to bill your child's disability insurance ~without it they still have to provide service but can't use up your child's benefits. 🙂


Have you applied for grants? We're applying for a grant through UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation, but I know there are other groups that give them as well. I am so sorry your family has to struggle through this.


That sucks. You could try calling the hospital and asking for charity assistance. They more than likely can help

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