Update to Gavin’s Autonomic Crisis: 11/18/2013

I wanted to let everyone know how Gavin fared tonight.  This afternoon, Gavin had his second Autonomic Crisis in the last three days.  The first being this past Friday and the second being this afternoon. 

Gavin ended up stabilizing this afternoon and doing okay. 

This Autonomic Crisis hit while he was with my parents, on the way to Youngstown to visit my Grandmother.  My parents recognized something was wrong and called right away. 

I was pretty stressed out over this, all afternoon. 

Gavin makes me so nervous because anything can trigger a crisis and these crises are life threatening, each and every time. 

Unfortunately, there’s almost nothing that can be done and there is almost no way to predict when the next one with occur. It’s a really, really helpless feeling and it’s really, really scary as well. 

My Mom called me before leaving Youngstown to head home, because Gavin was having chest pain again. 

We actually have to get him back to the Cleveland Clinic to see his Gastroenterologist. I’m thinking that some of this chest pain is reflux related and he may need to get back on Nexium.

Anyway, he got home at and sound tonight and was feeling better.  I gave him his meds and he went right to bed.  Hopefully, he’ll be okay in the morning as well. 

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers.  🙂

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i know it may be expensive but can you get it over the counter or can they call it in so you dont have to make a trip to the dr and see if the meds work? I know you are thinking about his future as you should, but that is another reason i would say screw the homework. it is so stressful and who says we have tomorrow (gavin has tomorrow, dont let me put extra thoughts in your head). can you tell i dont like homework or the stress level the homework is causing your family lol


I’m glad Gavin stabilized and is doing better. I can’t imagine how you feel when the crises hit. 
I’m on Nexium, too, and get it through the company’s indigent program. I get very sick if I’m not taking it.