CKP Heating and Cooling: Paying it forward

This is part 2 of my previous post: Betterment Helps the Lost and Tired family.

“So we figured that central air would help to make their lives a bit easier and honestly, ours as well. The truth is that I had actually forgotten about this whole thing because we had our hands full with everything else we have going on all the time. However, last week I received a phone call……..”

CKP Heating and Cooling: Paying it forward

I mentioned in the previous post, linked above, that I have kinda forgotten about all of this in light of what we are in the middle of with Gavin. That was, however, until I received a phone call from CKP Heating and Cooling. They called to schedule an estimate and we did just that. However, staying true to our lives we had several things come up (kids sick or Gavin in the hospital twice) that caused some delays. They were very understanding and simply rescheduled for us until the estimate was completed.   

The person that eventually came out was very polite and was in and out in no time flat. He answered my questions and was just a very pleasant person. Even after this was done I had no idea the depths of what was about to happen for my family.

CKP Heating and Cooling: Simply Awesome

I still wasn’t entirely sure what was going on as nothing like this has ever happened to us before. On July 20th, 2011,  Betterment made an announcement that my family was the first 2011 recipient. Shortly after that I received two phone calls, one from Betterment letting me know to expect a call from CKP Heating and Cooling and the other from CKP Heating and Cooling themselves wanting to schedule the installation for that week. Suddenly everything became very real.

What I didn’t know at the time was that CKP Heating and Cooling was donating anything and everything required to get central air conditioning installed and running in our house.  It was a surreal feeling to learn about this because we are used to always having the the other shoe drop, so to speak. We are not accustomed to this type of positive life changing event occurring in our lives. Not only did they donate the labor and equipment but they are also going to clean out all the duct work in out 100+ year old house.

While I’m extremely grateful for the Air Conditioning, the peace of mind that will come with improving the air quality in the house is beyond words. CKP Heating and Cooling is simply awesome.

CKP Heating and Cooling: Professional, Efficient and Generous

This past Friday, July 29th, 2011 everything was installed. CKP Heating and Cooling arrived around 8:00am in the morning and got right to work. They even spent some time with Maggie, making her day of course.. Most people are intimidated by her but these guys gave her some attention and that was just really cool.

They worked really fast and finished up in the very early afternoon. They also chose to add a special pump in order to limit the condensation. This is done by collecting the water and pumping it all the way across the basement and directly into the drain. I also had a few very pleasant conversations with them through out the time they were here.

The reason I’m stressing this is because more often then not, whenever we have had work or repairs done to the house it has not been a pleasant experience. The people were not always polite and at times down right rude.  In fact there was even a time that I had Lizze pack up the kids and leave because of the attitude and foul language that the cable guy was presenting with during an installation.

The experience I had with CKP Heating and Cooling was the extreme opposite of that. The other thing I noticed was that their pleasant demeanor wasn’t faked. Often times you can tell when someone is just doing their job and being nice is more of an act and not genuine. That just wasn’t the case with these guys. I was shown how to use the brand spankin’ new thermostat and a few things about the air conditioner itself. They also left absolutely no mess.  I was very impressed.

Our house has cooled off tremendously and the kids are much more comfortable now. We no longer have to endlessly worry about the safety issues with open windows. The peace of mind associated with that alone has lightened our load. I also see the allergy situation improving as well, especially after the duct work is cleaned out. They even called yesterday just to check on us and make sure the house was properly cooling off. 

I also want to add that I have 10 years experience as a contractor in the residential construction field and have worked with heating and cooling companies as well as various other trades from all over Northeast Ohio. I can honestly say that CKP Heating and Cooling is the best of the best. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone, including family, friends…..or whoever.

A final note about CKP Heating and Cooling

The one thing I’m committed to being with this blog is honest. I think I have made that abundantly clear in many ways.  I will never compromise the integrity of my blog for any reason as I feel it serves a vital role is spreading Autism Awareness, at least for my family.

With that said, everything I have said in this post and in the Betterment Helps the Lost and Tired family post have been my honest experience. My words have not been encouraged, influenced or compromised in any way, shape or form.  This act of kindness by The Foundation for Community Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling towards my family was beyond generous. However, regardless of everything provided to my family, I have been honest about the experience itself. It’s very important to me that you all understand this. There are many times you will read posts on other blogs that are clearly influenced by compensatory items. Lost and Tired is not one of them.

I want to be very clear on this because I need everyone to understand that not only have these organizations stepped in to help my special needs family but they have been very accurately represented in these posts.

Why is this important to me? That’s simple, I don’t want any part of what these organizations have done to be cheapened in any way. I feel it’s important to not only share with you what these organizations have provided my family but also share the incredible amount of integrity, honesty and compassion that both the The Foundation for Community Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling have demonstrated through out this entire process.

These types of organizations deserve our support going forward. The Foundation for Community Betterment has chapters across the country and they are doing amazing work. By supporting them you can help this charity to spread to more places. This will allow more people like my family can be helped. If you feel so inclined, you can donate directly to The Foundation for Community Betterment.

CKP Heating and Cooling serves most of Ohio. If you ever need any type of HVAC work done DO NOT hesitate to call them. I can personally vouch for their quality work. By supporting them, you not only get quality and professional work done correctly the first time but you are also supporting a company that actually gives back to the community. How often can you honestly say that? That doesn’t happen very often in my experience.

Please Show Your Support

PLEASE show your support for CKP Heating and Cooling by helping to get the word out.

Share this story on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Please “Like” and “Share” their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

You can’t post to their wall but I started a discussion and I would love to see it filled with positive comments, thanking them for standing up and helping a fellow special needs family. It would mean a great deal to me if you would take a second out of your day to do that. Please thank them for helping the Gorski family and don’t forget to click on the “Like” button as well.

Thank you in advance for doing this for me. We need more companies to follow their example and reach out to those in need and help make a difference in their lives.

Please help me to do this by shining the spot light on CKP Heating and Cooling. Maybe it will inspire other companies to reach out to people in their communities as well. You never know 🙂

UPDATE: Facebook isn’t playing very nice with me today and it won’t let me post this around. Please help me by sharing this with your friends and Tweeting this out so that word spreads about the generosity shown to my family by these organizations.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Onyx Panthyr

Congrats, Rob! This really makes me so happy to finally see some of that karma come back around to you. You guys deserve it. 🙂


This is so wonderful to read about.




That’s great! Just posted this to my FB. You should write a review on the company’s FB page, it’ll probably be seen more than the discussion.


Rob… so happy for you and your family. There really are great and wonderful people out there.


Congratulations! That is awesome. I am very happy for you and your family!


I love you my Vette! Even if you never ever wanted to help me and all you did was be my friend. *hugs* YOU are what they mean in the dictionary when they define "true friend". *muah*
My recent post I have a question for you! Please answer my Poll.

Yvette Kennedy

I love you too my Lizze! We should call Webster's Dictionary & have them put OUR pictures next to that definition! 🙂 *muah* times 100 🙂 Much love!

Yvette Kennedy

So here's what I was talking about in my previous comment. I was going to go out this week to Sears and have a window AC delivered to you guys. No joke! Had to wait until this week b/c my husband was going along to make sure that I got a good one LOL as I know NOTHING about anything like that! So I am glad you posted this ASAP b/c it could have been quite funny! Anyway, that was my plan, I am glad it got headed off though b/c Central AC is MUCH better! I wasn't sure how the boys would react with the window unit, but I thought it may be better than this sweltering heat! I am glad everyone stepped in to help! As always love to all!