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I wanted to thank you all for the outpouring of support since last nights events (I can’t stop shaking) . I intend to reply to every comment and the mountain of email as well.

Right now, I just in one of those, life flashed before your eyes, kinda of places.

I found out this morning,  as Lizze and I were talking,  that she was not in the van when this happened.  She had gotten out of the van right after I did.

When I made the decisions I did last night,  they were split second decisions based on the fact that I thought Lizze was still in the car.  Learning that she was in harms way as well makes this so much more difficult to deal with.

I would also like to say that,  I wasn’t asking for help as far as things like money are concerned.  I was looking for ideas.  I was looking for information about places that might be able to help us make the move.  Please don’t think I was asking for anything else,  because I wasn’t.  I have a feeling I came across wrong last night. Again,  I was looking for a direction to go in,  if that makes sense.

Thank you all so much for support. Please be patient as I respond to all your emails.  😉

– Lost and Tired

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