Bathroom escort

Bathroom escort

If you’re here expecting something seedy,  get your mind out of the gutter. 

I thought I would share a relatively new behavior that Emmett is presenting with.  Emmett will no longer use the bathroom without someone escorting him.  He was doing very well for a long time.  Now all of a sudden he won’t go to the bathroom alone. 

Not really a problem but more of an annoyance.  Not sure if this is just a phase but I’m really hoping it is.

Is this a common problem?

– Lost and Tired

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My son did this. He did well for years and then out of nowhere we had to make him go into the bathroom. He absolutely will not go in there by himself and he is 9 now. I am fairly certain he saw a bug while he was in there and now he's scared, but it's impossible to know. So sorry this is happening to you, but makes me feel a little better to know it's not just us……..


One of my students started doing that at school. When I called home to ask about it, his mom said it was because he went to the bathroom at a friend's house and their was some sort of toy in the tub that frightened him and would not longer go alone. We did backward chaining to correct it. (We went and stayed with him the whole time, then went but stood outside the door while he washed his hands, then while he flushed and washed his hands, then while he pulled up his pants, flushed and washed his hands and so on until we were waiting outside the door and then finally he was independent again)

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