Does this look like a problem

Would anyone be concerned about this.  Look at Gavin’s ankle,  does this look wrong to you? 

Lizze pointed out today that it almost looks like he has 4 ankles.  He has large lumps on his foot ankle. This is the same on both feet. 

We had him looked at before but we are always told it’s from constant abuse. All the stomping and slamming of his feet during his meltdowns. 
It just looks painful.  I’m not sure if it’s getting worse or not but it looked particularly bad today for some reason.

I think we will bring it up the next time we are at the doctor’s.  Just wanted some input as to whether or not this seems normal to you…?..


– Lost and Tired

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Aunt Sharon

That is not normal.


it looks like either ganglion cysts or bone spurs… if they're cysts it's no big deal really and they can drain them, if they're bone spurs it's a bigger problem, I'd have them looked at at least


As always Rob, not a problem 🙂 on a personal level your family's story is very moving and on a professional level, very interesting. I would tend to agree with the current theory but any changes are worth keeping an eye on.


Do they stick out as much when his ankle is at 90 degrees? Also, are the lumps hard or soft? Bilateral ganglion cysts like that would be unlikely, if the lumps are soft and squishy and move under the skin it could be a possibility though. The location of the lumps does match bony prominences he'd hit with his legs crossed, like he sits when he's melting down so that theory makes sense. The other possibility could be a bit of inflammation in the little joints in his feet. If he's not limping or doesn't seem bothered by it, it might not be worth putting him through the stress of further investigation, what I'd take notice of is if they seem more red, swollen or angry on certain days and whether that coincides with any other immunological symptoms..can't hurt to ask his doctor when you see them though. Sorry for the essay!


It would also be interesting to know if the increase in redness has anything to do with the infusion, now that he has a bit of an immune's kind of kicking in. Inflammation and swelling are immune system reactions…


Thanks Julia once again. The bumps are hard like bone. They don\’t seem to hurt him. They just look painful. They have gotten worse over the years. My only real concern is whether or not this a symptom to add to the list.

If it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it. So I agree with you there. I think we will post it out to his OT this week and see what she thinks.

As long as nothings wrong then I\’m OK but somethings wrong then that\’s another story.

Julia, it seems I have been thanking you alot lately. I hope you know how much I appreciate everything. Thanks once again 😉

Amy Knox

Our son has CP along with autism and he falls constantly on his knees (they are already really skinny and scrawny) and he gets knots and bruises that never really go away. The bones on his knees are similar to the knotty protrusions on your sons ankles but your son has knots where there shouldn't be any bony areas, so as a parent I would be concerned also. I know Its got to be frustrating always being the one doctors suspect of "allowing your child to get hurt" if not outright accusing you of abuse. Like we don't have enough to worry about! If they could walk a day in your shoes they might be more helpful! Best of luck with your newest "opportunity" !

Tired Mom

Um… wow…. that does not look good at all! I realize he tends to stomp and throw himself around, but those lumps do not look like they're results of abuse. They look like ganglionic cysts, which require surgery to remove. Of course, with all his other issues and dietary problems, they could be something else. Definitely bring it up with his doctor.
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They don\’t hurt at all. They feel like bone. It\’s weird and just doesn\’t look right. We are going to get a referral to an orthopedic specialist. It just hasn\’t been a huge priority with every thing else. It definitely does seem right.

Jenn McLernon

I'd be a bit pushy with your ped and get a specialist to look at it. The constant injury is a likely candidate, but is it the only one? In your place, I'd be looking for a specialist or at the very least a second opinion. 🙂 All the best.


Thanks. That\’s what I think to. I\’m concerned that it may be more of a problem then we think. Thanks for your input.


I agree with the above comment. That's NOT normal.