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Elliott had his first day back today and it went amazingly well. I say first day back because we moved both Elliott and Emmett back to their old school. They’re remote learning instead of distance learning and the experience thus far has been night and day.

Emmett is supposed to start Friday, September 4th but we’re still waiting on some things to be processed. I’ll call in the morning and see what’s going on. Maybe he can still get started.

The setup is very different than what we’ve been dealing with these past two weeks. Elliott remotely goes to school four days a week and Emmett will attend remotely, three days a week. The off days are for homework and extra help if needed.

Elliott had a great day and while he wishes he could be with his friends in person, he feels so much better where he’s now at.

Emmett will be in the same boat and everything should be much more manageable.

Big thanks to Lizze and her mom for picking up all the gear the kids needed from the schools and dropping it off. That was a big help and allowed me to maintain quarantine. That was especially important while we are trying to figure out what was going on with Gavin.

I’m feeling much better under these current circumstances. Hopefully, the boys will continue to enjoy this setup and make the best of it.

As for me, I’m still incredibly overwhelmed by everything but I feel this is doable. I spent my day helping Elliott and trying to get some work done. I decided to make some changes to my podcast studio because the old setup was meant to be temporary and I never got around to finishing it.

I’m finding myself being interviewed on TV more often now and I wanted get this stuff done, so it looks better.

It’s not finished but I’m done for tonight. I’ll finish up over the weekend because I have several interviews scheduled for next week.

I know this may seen stupid or unimportant but for me, it’s big deal and a major accomplishment. Depression makes me not even want to get out of bed some days. I’ve not had the motivation or the wherewithal to get working on this. Depression has a way of making every task, even simple ones, seem like insurmountable obstacles. Taking on the podcast studio, even though I knew it needed to be done, seemed like an impossible task, so it never got done.

I’m so proud of myself for making this much progress. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and that matters more than perfection.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Connie S Kizer

It’s not stupid or unimportant, depression is difficult, things seem insurmountable at times, and one thing that has helped me (life long depression & one where pharmaceuticals haven’t worked) is meditation, and my mantra when things are particularly bad “this too shall pass”. Its a struggle every day and for me cleaning actually helps, but it’s not for every one. Hang in there, and try not to beat your self up over the little things.

Curtis G.

Great looking office and glad Emmett and Elliott are back where they feel most comfortable at school. And still hoping everything goes well for Gavin in regards to any of his further testing.


But this is good news: the boys are back with their friends remotely and aren’t upset and suffering. And Gavin is doing better than expected, albeit with some concerns that need attention. Also, your office looks great.