A great visit to the developmental neurologist -

A great visit to the developmental neurologist

I’ll be honest,  I wasn’t sure how much I liked our developmental neurologist at first.  However,  she won me over today.  As I mentioned a few times already,  today was just a follow up.  It’s kind of a way to document progress. 

You may recall that we were baving issues with our local school system providing proper servises based on an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.  The school was only willing to provide speech therapy and that was it. They were unwilling to acknowledge his diagnosis.
I explained to the developmental neurologist what the school system was doing or rather not doing.  She reconfirmed his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She said she was going to write a new letter explaining the diagnosis once again. 

I was thrilled with that.  However,  sje took it a step further and asked me to sign a few releases.  Turns out that she wasn’t done fighting for Emmett jusy yet.  She said she is going to take the leash off of their social worker and send them after the school on Emmett’s behalf.  I couldn’t believe it.  Talk about good news.  They are going to fight for Emmett’s rights amd help us get the Autism Scholarship as well. 

This is such a relief to get help in this area.  We have another agency ready to help as well.  They were waiting for a new letter from the doctor before proceeding.  This means that if we can get Emmett the scholarship funds he can go to a really good school.  This is the best news we have heard on this front in quite some time.

Thank you Akron Children’s Hospital and Thank you Dr. D.

– Lost and Tired

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Onyx Panthyr


Aunt Sharon





YAY! Congratualtions! I am so happy for you all 🙂


I'd like to say that it is AWESOME that the neuro has such a good relationship with a social worker that she can send that social worker where they are needed MOST! 🙂


You can say that again dearest Nikky. I\’m certainly impressed.

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