Struggling with sensory processing issues this morning

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This morning was going pretty well until the dreaded sensory processing issues kicked in once again. As is typical for this type of situation, these issues revolved around Emmett shoes and socks. 

Every single time we put them on, he took them off.

It’s not easy to put shoes and socks on a kid that can’t stand the way they feel against his feet. There is a process to helping him through this.  Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. 

This morning it took several attempts to help Emmett tolerate his shoes and socks. 

Lizze was able to work her Mommy magic and help Emmett to walk out the door this morning, with his shoes and socks on.

Do your kids struggle with this kind of thing?


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Lost and Tired

thefuzzycabbage wishiwereinny @JungleGymJam rmagliozzi @AutismChecklist
I don’t think that people understand just how impactful sensory processing issues can be on a person.  We need more awareness. 🙂


My son loves baths, but pants are another story. He used to scream over getting his hair washed, but thankfully those days are gone. No jeans, only “soft pants”, so he is either wearing basketball pants and shorts or wearing sweat pants. I pray he can get over this before his teenage years..


thefuzzycabbage I think it was about a year or so ago Rob and Lizze had bath bomb reviews.

Robert Wm Ruedisueli

When my sensory issues are acting up I sometimes wear the special medical socks for people with poor circulation. They fit a lot more evenly and don't wrinkle. Some people with #autism prefer the ones for people with diabetes, which are looser. You will likely have to look online to find these in youth sizes, as most retail stores only carry them in adult sizes.

Normally I wear work socks. Usually similar designs are marketed as hiking socks for children and pre-teens. These tend not to wrinkle as much, fit better, are warmer, and more durable. They are well worth the extra money.

If you find work socks are too thick, some people with autism prefer sports socks instead. These absorb sweat nicely, and tend not to wrinkle, but they aren't as thick or soft.


reality_autism AutismChecklist Thanks for helping us understand the complexities of Autism from these experiences. Kudos for your patience

Raynette Jones

keep in mind my kid is not autistic so this probably wouldnt for sure work for yours but it is funny. My youngest was in such a bad, crying, whiney, mood when woken up in the am that from the time he was potty trained till all the way thru kindergarten he would sleep in the clothes he was going wear to "school" so we just had to put shoes on brush teeth and out the door. It worked for me because the tantrums (and they were tantrums) were awful plus his brother would have to hear all that fussing from him and me so I solved that one hope you could laugh at that one have a great day


My son struggles with bath time. He hates it and refuses to cooperate. He won’t even sit in the bathtub, so usually he is standing there throwing one hellacious fit until it is over with.