PLEASE report this disgusting Facebook page -

PLEASE report this disgusting Facebook page


UPDATE: Thank you for reporting this page. The picture was just taken down. That’s a great start.

Anyone know how to get a facebook page pulled? If ever one deserved to be pulled and the user banned, this is it. This is ABSOLUTELY disgusting and the ASSHOLE that started this page has over 30,000 likes. That’s means their is over 30,000 people without a moral compass…….or they liked it just to leave a comment about how disgusting it is.

Either way the page has been reported over 3000 times and Facebook has done NOTHING about it.

I have removed the picture because it is a pictures of someones baby with downs syndrome. There is a horrible caption and I won’t share that.

I’m truly sorry if this offends anyone but I think you have to see it to have a better understanding as to why we are fighting so diligently for Awareness for ALL children and adults with special needs.

I believe the best thing we can do at this point is try to spread the word and REPORT the page as Hate Speech targeting People with Disabilities.

The report this page link is on the left side of the page. Please share this and ask people to report it as well. 

DO NOT “LIKE” this page in order to leave a comment.

The page in question is titled “Well excuse me for being a retard“. You can click on the title to be taken to the page in order to report it. Free speech is one thing but hate speech is another.
Join the Cause to end the use of the word “retard” to describe persons with special needs.

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Reported it!

I reported it and re-posted it on my wall aksing my friends to do the same. Horrible!



I saw this last night. Reported. It’s terrible what some people think is funny.



Reported! Ignorant, insensitive people really tick me off 🙁


I’m all about free speech, comedy and even raunchy comedy. But this is not right or funny .


Have reported x


Done. That's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. That made my blood pressure rise.
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