Worried about your child with Autism wandering/running -

Worried about your child with Autism wandering/running

Hey everyone, I need some help. As you know, wandering is a very serious problem when it comes to children on the Autism Spectrum. I have been speaking with someone that wants to help. You can help by participating in a brief phone interview. They are developing a device that can significantly increase the odds of a very fast recovery. I have have been consulting on this solution and I’m very, very impressed and I truly believe this will make a difference. 

Right now there is a need for a pseudo focus group and opinion gathering. This would take place over the phone and require 15-20 minutes of your time. They are looking for parents with kids in various places on the Autism Spectrum, but with a focus on parents with concerns and/or experience with children that wander or run away. 

All information is confidential and will be used for the development of this device.

I hardly ever do anything like this, so this is truly an exceptional device. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe this could help. If your interested in participating, please contact me and provide me with the following information:

email address
a good contact number
best time to be reached 
whether or not you are worried and/or experienced with wandering/running

Thanks you very much
If you are interested or willing to lend your experience for this cause, please contact me here ————–>  Contact Me 
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