Emmett will miss his 3rd day back

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We called Emmett of this morning from school.  The soars haven’t gone away and he’s been up since 4am.  He now has one about half an inch long on the side of his tongue. 

After breakfast,  he will get a second dose of prednisone and hopefully gobdown for a nap. He still doesn’t have a fever yet but the doctor said it may be a day or two before it shows up.

The main reason we are keeping him home is because the Prednisone is not easy on his stomach and it makes him fall asleep. Hopefully,  the second dose will help to quash this flare up.

This type of problem is one of the things we face quite often.  I have a feeling that Emmett is going to miss a lot of school this year.  These fevers started about this time last year and will likely continue for at least the next few years.  We’ll have to speak with the school and get everything documented so Emmett doesn’t get the absences held against him.

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PurpleLogic Rules

So sorry that the sores and Prednisone are keeping him out of school. Silly as this sounds, anticipation of something you want brings its own stress and this might be a stress reaction too. I hope all this settles down real fast so he doesn't miss too much school. Does your school utilize any video so that he can "sit in" the class when he is absent?


Poor little guy. I wonder if cold popsicles or lactose-free ice cream would numb his mouth a bit and make the sores feel better?


We have been doing apple sauce. Popsicles are another great idea. He keeps showing us cause he wants to see what hurts but he can\’t see it in the mirror so I might try to get a picture so he can see what it is.


Feel better EJ! Love you 🙂


Thanks Vette