Shot to the leg

Shot to the leg

Well today hasn’t really gone as planned.  Although, honestly, I didn’t really have any plans. 

Emmett will be going to her parents in a little bit and spending the night.  As soon as that happens,  I will be giving Lizze a special injection into her leg to help battle her migraine. 

Her migraines are occurring every single day.  Her preventative medications haven’t worked in a really long time. Now they are so bad that her pain medications are really working either.  She hates taking the pain killers because they are very high dose and they put her completely out of commission for about 6 hours or so.

Her neurologist gave her this injectable medication to use in the event the pains meds don’t work.  These are standard injections either.  They are an air powered,  needless delivery system. 

She has only used this once before. Let me just that needless does not mean painless.  In all my years as a medic,  I have never used one of these on anyone. It’s pretty straightforward but very painful.  This thing put a good size hole in her leg the last time we used it. 

Despite the pain associated with the delivery of the medication,  it did help. However,  she goes to sleep for the rest of the day.  So when she gets the shot in a little bit,  she will wake up in the morning sometime and hopefully feel better. 

I kinda sucks cause it’s our anniversary but I don’t want her to be in pain,  so it is what it is. In all our years together, I don’t know that we have ever really been able to celebrate our anniversary.  Something always seems to come up but that’s the nature of our lives I guess. 

Someday, I would like to actually celebrate and do something nice like go out to dinner.  I think that being together for over 10 years and being married for 8 of those years is quite an accomplishment.  In our lives together,  we face obstacles and stress that many will never face and yet we have survived anyway. 

I’m very proud of that,  whether we actually celebrate or not.  So if she can spend the day without pain then I think she has absolutely earned that.

– Lost and Tired

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Thanks Vette and Happy Anniversary Stephenie. Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂


Happy anniversary to you and Lizze. I am sorry it did not go as planned. Poor Lizze, migraines are just awful.
It's my husband and my anniversary today as well! Though we are not able to celebrate either, he had to go out of town due to a death in the family.
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Happy Anniversary! If I could take her pain away for just today so that you guys could go celebrate I would! Love you guys!

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