What do you do when not everyone in the class is invited?

Emmett came home from school today in a really good mood. This was a pleasant surprise because he had to go to school without Elliott and doesn’t always do okay with that.

When Emmett climbed into the car after existing the school, he said Dad, I need you to interpret something for me.

Emmett will sometimes do this when he doesn’t understand an interaction he’s had with someone. Social cues aren’t always his thing, much the same as many others on the Autism spectrum.

Turns out the issue was pretty simple.

Someone in his class is having a birthday party and Emmett got an invitation. He was clearly excited but also troubled at the same time.

Emmett says he doesn’t think everyone in the class was invited. He overheard his teacher say something about invitations not being given to everyone.

I tried talking to him about how he felt about some people being left out. That’s not necessarily something that Emmett would be able to express.

I asked him how he thinks the kids who didn’t get invited would feel? He wasn’t sure how to answer that because he’s very logical and doesn’t know how they would feel because he’s not them.

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Kim gebhardt
Kim gebhardt

You are absolutely overthinking it. There’s no reason at all why Emmett shouldn’t be able to go to this party. There are a million different reasons why the entire class may not have been invited and they aren’t all bad. I know you don’t have much experience with ithem but kids’ birthday parties can be expensive and a nightmare to plan and pull off and many (if not most) parents will only allow X number of kids to be invited, especially as they get older. My thought would be that you don’t look this gift horse in the mouth and… Read more »


Definitely overthinking it. There are lots of lessons that can be learned here. They are getting to the age that you can’t, and shouldn’t, fix everything for them going to the school about this is one of those things. Another is that he shouldn’t be listening to the teachers talk, this could be unavoidable, but sometimes it is best to not listen in and remove yourself. And the most important lesson, is sometimes life isn’t fair for everyone and fair is subjective. He should be go to the party for sure. Hope that doesn’t sound preachy

E (The Third Glance)
E (The Third Glance)

Listen to what Emmet said: “It would depend on who was having the party” – he’s not a little little one anymore, and the requirement for “everyone in the class” really doesn’t need to exist anymore. He’s closer to some kids than others. Everyone has different friends, and it’s ok to acknowledge that. You have to be friendly with people when you’re in the same classroom, you have to be kind and nice and welcoming when you are randomly (or not-so-randomly) assigned to be in the same space, but you don’t have to elect to spend time outside of that… Read more »


I have had to explain to my nuerotypical and autistic child that it isn’t always possible for every… https://t.co/zQIKX7BKEL

Lisa Pulling

That’s the only up side for my son and his autism – he wouldn’t notice. He only is concerned about… https://t.co/7zVRUhURrd


Emmett “hit the nail on the head” with his response of “it would depend on who was having the party.” Just because kids go to school together and are in the same class everyday doesn’t mean that they are friends outside of the classroom. I think Emmett understands it more then you give him credit for.