Help me get this disgusting Facebook page pulled

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I am fully aware that I have enough on my plate at the moment but I’m trying to kill some time and this has me pretty fired up. A good friend of mine has brought this Facebook page to my attention and we need to get it pulled. The page is entitled, I hate when people make fun of retarded people with Autism. This page owner then puts a picture of someone special needs child with derogatory captions.

If you have a child with Autism or other special needs, PLEASE report this page by going to the middle right hand side of the page and clicking the report button. I think I was able to copy the link here. So click right here —–> REPORT


Please Note: The REPORT link above does work and will report the page, although Facebook’s reporting system seems to be down at the moment. If this link doesn’t work you’ll have to go to the actual Facebook page to report it.


Please share this, tweet this and spread this around. I know we should turn the other cheek and all but enough is enough. I’m done with this filth and hate. Facebook needs to a little better job moderating some of these things.

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  • Jodi Mathis says:

    I also went to and reported the page!

  • I went to the page and reported it. Didn't even have to "Like' it to get access to the report link.