It’s truly amazing how badly words can hurt even grownups

I get accused of being alot of things, especially more recently. Most of the time, I don’t care because a random reader or person on Facebook doesn’t really know me, so I put little stock in what they have to say, think or feel. 

Unfortunately, there are still people that can profoundly impact me with their words. 

It’s sorta funny, in an ironic sorta way because I’ve found myself actually wishing that some of these character traits I’m accused of having, were true. If these traits were actually part of my makeup, I wouldn’t feel the pain that these words inflict.  Sometimes it just seems like that would be preferable to feeling…

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I mentioned the other day that I’ve been struggling a bit more recently and this is one of the things I’ve found myself unsuccessfully trying to process or make sense of. 

It is what it is and I’ve got to get myself to a place where I’m more confident or secure in my own skin.  My self-esteem has been rather decimated by things that have somewhat recently happened in my life.

It’s definitely a process but one that’s going to take time and I totally get. Until I get myself into that healthier place, the truth is, I’m vulnerable to self-doubt..

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    If by ‘somewhat recent events’ you mean your split with Lizze, I would be surprised if were weren’t having self esteem issues. I think it’s natural to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” when someone breaks up with us. I don’t think there’s any magic way to regain that lost self esteem quickly; you just have to keep moving forward and wait until you feel normal again. I think you were making good progress by walking and lifting weights again. I hope you’re still at it.

    1. I may or may not be referring to that situation. But if I were, I would surely appreciate your kind words… ☺

      Someone else just asked me about the working out thing and since the boys have been sick, I’ve been too tired but it’s high on my priority list again. It does make a huge difference and it sets a positive example for the boys.

      I need to fix the treadmill, it’s not doing so well right now but I can reach my goals in other ways…

      Thanks Kim

  2. tannawings

    You are one of those people who are hardwired to see the glass half full and to see the good probably 99% of the time. You protect those you love and those you like, it’s the way you are.
    There is nothing wrong to have self doubts, to feel less than at times. You have a whole lot on your plate.
    Work on you when you can. Truly you cant love another until you love yourself , or you will end up with someone who is so much less than what you deserve.
    You are a kind and gentle man, be kind and gentle with yourself.

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