X-rays and bloodwork are back

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The new doctor just came in and told us that the bloodwork and X-rays both look good.  He is going to talk to the ENT and find out what they want to do.

At this point it looks unrelated to the surgery,  which is good.  It. Appears to be another one of Emmett’s flare ups do to the Marshalls Syndrome (PFAPA or chronic fevers).  The problem,  besides the obvious,  is that we can’t give him the Prednisone needed to break the flare up due to the fact that Prednisone can supress the immune system and he just had surgery.

We are looking at another 10 days of this fever and all be can do is Tylenol and push fluids. This is going to make recovery much more complicated then it already was.



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  • Vette says:

    Ì am glad it's nothing serious and no complications with his surgery. Fell better Emmett buddy! Love you