OMG it’s going to be crazy busy today

OMG it’s going to be crazy busy today

Today is going to start the week off with a bang. There is so much going on today and unfortunately, not all of it’s local.

Everything has to run flawlessly in the morning in order for this all to happen but I bet we could weather a few little bumps along the way, just nothing major. 

I have to get Elliott to school in the morning and head directly to my parents house. 
No, I’m not meeting anyone to walk the track. I wish though… 😩

Gavin will be staying with my Mom while I take Emmett and hightail it to Akron Children’s Hospital. It’s not for anything serious. He needs new glasses and this just his yearly checkup. 

I’d happily take Gavin along but I won’t have time to stop half a dozen times for him to use the bathroom along the way. 

I don’t see us getting done before lunchtime, so I’ll have to get Emmett lunch.

Depending on how he’s doing after having his eyes dilated, I mite be able to get him back to school for the second half of the day. That being said, it probably makes more sense to go order his new glasses on the way home, so we don’t have to make another trip out later on. 

We’ll get back and pick up Gavin before going across town to retrieve Elliott from school. 

Gavin will need his IVIG infusion as soon as we finally make it back home. 

The rest of the day will be things like dinner, laundry and there’s a bunch of paperwork for Elliott SSI application that I need to fill out and get mailed back. 

It’s going to be a long day and I probably won’t get a chance to even catch my breath until after dinner. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a few little tiny updates throughout the day because we will have some time to kill while at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

Anyway, I hope your Monday gets off to a good start and treats you and yours kindly.  😀👍❤️

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