Lizze sees her PCP this morning

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Lizze and I have been wondering if maybe she has the same type of immunodeficiency as Gavin. That would explain why she is always sick and was frequently sick as a child. 

There is a genetic link to PI (primary immunodeficiency) and Gavin had to get it from somewhere. She actually goes to she her primary care physician this morning and is going to discuss this with her.

I’m very interested in what she suggests and I also think it makes sense to look into this a bit further.

  It would be nice if we found something that could be addressed.  We coukd finally improve her life, at least in quality.

I’m not suggesting that she has PI,  but I do think that it’s worth looking into.  As far as I know,  this is something that has never been looked at before and it requires very specific testing. In other words,  this isn’t something that would just show up on routine blood work. 

We need to figure out whether or not we can do anything to help her.  I really want her to have an improved quality of life,  if at all possible.

– Lost and Tired

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  • Vette says:

    PLease keep me updated! I LOVE YOU LIZZE <3