Today has been especially challenging…at least for me.  Lizze is really,  really struggling.  When she’s in this much pain,  she’s not in the best of moods.

I guess part of the problem in the change of seasons.  Not sure what it is about the season change but it’s really rough on her. 

She has been in a full blown fibro flare for a couple weeks now.

She’s also got horrific migraines along with the all over pain.  It’s so bad that it hurts to simply touch her skin and of course,  the kids decide that they want to climb on mommy. 

Lizze is basically sleeping much of the day away.  If she’s in that much pain,  I can’t say as I blame her. The problem is that it puts all that much more responsibility on my shoulders. I don’t mind at all but it does take its toll after a while….and its been quite awhile now.

Gavin is either not listening or simply unable to remember anything I say to him.  He has also been accidentally been hurting his brothers when he loses control over his body.  Totally not his fault but that’s little comfort to those injured.

Emmett is finally starting to feel better and has returned to being the little hell raiser we have come to know and love.  However,  his mouth is starting get to get the cold sores again and that signals another flare up.  Sigh 🙁

To make matters worse,  the brakes went out on the van and so it’s back in the shop.  Tomorrow will make 3 days without the van.  My parents have been lending us their car so we aren’t without.  A huge thank you to them for that.

We are going back to the Cleveland Clinic next week to flow up with Gavin’s main neurologist. 

Sometimes things happen to much to fast and I just can’t keep up with everything.  I might try to get my antidepressants bumped up a bit as I feel like I starting to struggle more with all life has blessed me with.

I’m on overload and exhausted.  I wish things would start to slow down so I can catch my breath.

Thanks for letting me vent…….

– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Onyx Panthyr

Again, you are only human, Rob, and a fine one at that. I've told you that I find you inspiring in the way that you strive on and do your best to provide for your family. Vent all you like; it's your blog and you have the support and prayers of those of us here. 🙂

Give everyone a huge hug from me!!


I feel for you. Is there a way we could pay for a babysitter or two (people you trust) to come over so you could have some away/down time? Let me know and we will do it. I read your post on only being human and you are just that; human. Your wife is a lucky woman and your children are so fortunate to have a father like you. They appreciate you even when they don't know how to say it. Hang in there!

Becky E

Sending prayers your way. Ive been down a lot the past 2 weeks and cant walk through the house without getting weak and out of breath from the pain. Todays been bad cuz its wet and cold here. The pain does make us grouchy but a lot of it is cuz we feel so depressed and disgusted with ourselves cuz we cant do what we need to do or want to do. I called and yelled at my husband the other day because I couldnt cook supper, then I hung up and cried like a baby. Your such a good man to help her the way you do, but sounds like its taking a toll on you too. If its at all possible to get somone to come and help you for a couple hours please do it and take time for yourself or go lay in bed and watch a movie with her, even if you dont talk it will be a comfort to her. Take care of yourself cuz if you fall apart now it'll be a disaster with all you have going on. God bless you and your family