Review: How @BedJetSleep is changing the way I sleep

I want to begin by thanking my friends at BEDJET for sponsoring this review and for supporting my efforts to raise awareness. All views and opinions are my own.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been using BEDJET to help improve our sleep quality. I’ve said this a million times already, but it’s worth mentioning a million more. Sleep is a vital part of self-care, and self-care is absolutely critical when you’re an Autism parent, Special Needs parent, or caregiver in general.

If you’ve not heard of BEDJET, let me explain a bit about it. In a nutshell, it’s essentially climate control for your bed. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a jet engine, at least that’s what I think when I see it. It’s lightweight, plastic, and incredibly quiet. It’s effortless to assemble, and I had it installed on our king size bed in only a few minutes.

Please note that this works with any size bed.

BEDJET is a device that quietly and quickly warms or cools your personal sleep environment. It mounts easily to the side of your mattress, and the main part of it sits on the floor under your bed or just to the side of it. It’s almost completely unnoticeable when the bed is made.

It pumps temperature controlled air under your blanket and flat sheet. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would put a blanket over the registers in the floor. The warm or cold air would collect under the blanket and provide a bubble of comfort. This experience is similar, but it’s much more convenient and effective.

BEDJET offers three main options with these cloud sheets.

For starters, BEDJET is designed to use with bedclothes you already have. You can simply pump the air under your sheet or blanket. Both people will experience the same warming or cooling effect.

There are also optional accessories called cloud sheets. These are either dual or single zone sheets that you sleep under. The cloud sheet fills with air and either warms or cools your body. It’s incredibly comfortable and very effective.

Both people sleeping in the bed can experience the same climate control, using only one BEDJET. This means that both parties will either be warmed or cooled under a single zone cloud sheet at the same time. If Both people benefit from the same climate, that’s all you need to do.

Often, couples don’t agree on what’s comfortable, and BEDJET has a solution for that as well. The dual zone cloud sheet is sealed down the middle, essentially creating two independent climate zones.

Using the dual zone cloud sheet with a single BEDJET, one person can be warmed or cooled without impacting the other. The other person won’t experience anything other than the ambient temperature of the room, because their side of the dual cloud sheet is functioning as a standard flat sheet. By adding a second BEDJET, each person can have their own climate control without impacting the other. One person can be warmer while the other is cooler.

We’ve been using a single BEDJET both with and without the dual zone sheet for a couple of weeks now. I can honestly say that it’s fantastic.

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you already know that my amazing wife Lizze, went through menopause shortly after she turned thirty years old. Eight years in and she still struggles with hot flashes, especially at night. This makes it very difficult for her to sleep because she’s either too hot or too cold.

We have a balcony that comes off our second-floor bedroom, and she would often leave the door open, even during the winter months because it helped keep her cool at night.

I was hoping that the BEDJET would help her sleep better at night, and that proved to be the case.

Since using the BEDJET, Lizze isn’t waking up in the middle of the night due to hot flashes. She’s able to decrease the temperature around her enough that she can sleep through the night comfortably. If she happens to be cold, she can warm the air around her enough to help her sleep comfortably as well.

No matter what temperature she has her immediate sleep environment set at, if we’re using the dual zone cloud sheet, I’m not impacted at all. The sheet she’s sleeping under inflates, and that’s all you can really notice.

The BEDJET itself is very quiet and doesn’t disturb either of us at all. Frankly, I was surprised by how quiet it was, even when operating at full capacity.

The BEDJET is operated either by remote control or Bluetooth via a free app on your smartphone. The included remote controls all the basic function, but there are more advanced functions only accessible via the app.

The app lets you more precisely adjust the temperatures, timers, and airflow. The Biorhythm Function enables you to program the temperature for every single hour you’re asleep. You can even set BEDJET temperature wakeup triggers as well.

The BEDJET has made our sleep so much more comfortable. My wife and I often struggle to get enough sleep, as do many Autism/Special Needs parents. It’s so important that we make the most of the sleep that we can get.

Lizze is no longer waking up throughout the night because of hot flashes, and I’m sleeping much better as well. When as parents, we feel better, our kids get better from us.

I would absolutely recommend BEDJET to anyone period.

Emmett is the youngest of our three Autistic boys. He’s incredibly sensory oriented and struggles to sleep because he’s sensitive to many things, the temperature around him being one of them. He loves climbing into our bed, turning on the BEDJET and just laying under the blanket. For him, it’s relaxing, and I’m counting that as a win.

Over the years, we’ve tried all kinds of things to help improve our sleep. During the winter we’ve tried heated mattress pads or electric blankets but they never really helped, especially with the hot flashes.

We’ve tried different types of comforters that are supposed to be cooler during the summer. We even use a really nice mattress, but nothing has had the overwhelmingly positive impact that BEDJET has had on our quality of sleep. It’s such a cool product and can be used in multiple different ways, to suit your individual needs.

Sleep is such an essential part of self-care and quality sleep for Autism parents like myself; is even more so.

BEDJET delivers bedtime climate control in a very unique way, that keeps you comfortable throughout the night, regardless of you or your partner’s temperature preferences.

As of 5/29/2019, you can purchase BEDJET for starting at $339.

You can find more information or purchase your own BEDJET by clicking here or any of the BEDJET links throughout this review.

Disclaimer: I will receive credit if you purchase a BEDJET product through one of the above links. This is how I support my family and my efforts to make the world a better place. I only do this with products I have thoroughly tested and believe in.

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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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