New ROM dedicated to Autism Awareness

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I’m very proud to be able to release this new ROM build for the Epic Touch 4G, arguably, the best smartphone on the planet (at least for now). As always, midNIGHT ROM is dedicated to the spread Autism Awareness. This release is unique because carrier IQ has been removed from this ROM thanks to the amazing coding skills of k0nane, a fellow Recognized Developer over at xda-developers.

I want to thank k0nane for partnering on this release and bringing an end to Sprint and Samsung’s ability to track our activity on this device.

For more information or to see what this release is about click ———> Android Development

As always, I want to thank everyone for their support. Spreading Autism Awareness is something I’m very passionate about and the Android community has united to do just that.



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  • @k0nane says:

    My name's k0nane and I support this message.