The crack in the road

Emmett had a really rough day.  He finally settled down after this mornings….events.  I mentioned to Emmett that I needed to go get crickets for Toothless.

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  He decided he wanted to go with me.  However,  he needed to get dressed.  He loves getting crickets for Toothless.

Anyway,  he scrambled to get himself dressed. You can see his amazing taste is clothes 😉

The fact that he was willing to get dressed was a pretty big victory.

We arrived at the pet store and got out of the car.  However,  Emmett took notice of a crack in the road. He was absolutely fascinated by it.  He traced it with his little fingers.

It was one of those moments that just was captivated me. It was so innocent.  He just wanted to explore this break in the road and then he wanted it fixed.  He started to get anxious because he noticed there were cracks everywhere.

I had to remind him that we were there for a reason.  I was able to redirect him and completed our quest. 

Toothless ate like a king….


– Lost and Tired

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I don't know which is cuter- the outfit or being fascinated by the crack in the road. They give us such a great perspective on life. Thanks for sharing.


You are quite welcome. 🙂