My little man is really struggling with life and it’s heartbreaking 

I spoke with the boy’s Mom for a little while tonight. Among the things talked about was Emmett, how’s he doing with life and what the angry phone call I received from him earlier was about. 

Emmett was freaking out over his shoes and socks. He was really upset and overwhelmed, when he decided to dial me up and let me have it.  

Emmett is very clearly struggling with life right now and frankly has been for some time.  

He’s angry, frustrated and very much overwhelmed.  I don’t know what’s eating away at him but it’s definitely eating away at him.  

It’s easy to look at all that’s happened in his life and make assumptions but truthfully, until we can get through to him, it’s just guesswork. 

I’m not even sure if he knows what’s bothering him so much. 

We’re working on some art therapy and a few other ways of helping him express what his words are unable to. It’s a work in progress.. 


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