Happy Sweetest Day 2011

Happy Sweetest Day 2011

I hope everyone is having a happy sweetest day today.  As special needs parents,  I think that we often times overlook these little holidays in lue of the bigger picture.

However,  it’s important to remember to celebrate these days whenever you can.  It helps to provide a sense of normalcy and can help strengthen you relationship with you significant other.

Lizze and I rarely ever celebrate these because we are either to tired or have our hands full. 

I do always try to make sure Lizze knows how much I love and appreciate her.  Today her mother came and picked her up and take her to the store so she could get some school clothes for Gavin and Elliott.  Lizze couldn’t drive herself but I wanted her to get out for a little bit and take a break from the chaos.  Then I believe they are going to Olive Garden to have a nice dinner,  thanks to the gift card I received for my birthday. 

Lizze never gets out and I really hope that this will help her to feel a bit of normalcy and maybe relieve some stress. 

I got the boys fed and we will begin to wind down here shortly.  For some reason,  my head is pounding,  so bedtime can’t come fast enough.  😉

I hope you all have a get day and rest of the weekend.

– Lost and Tired

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