I had to pick Emmett up from school early because he was uncomfortable

It’s totally been one of those days here in The Autism Dad househhold. We’re knee-deep into the last week of school and it’s a little more chaotic than I had anticipated, but we’re good.

I dropped Emmett off at school and within an hour, I received a string of text messages from him asking me to come pick him up. He explained that there was a kid in his class not wearing a mask. He was very uncomfortable with this and wanted to leave.

It’s still required that everyone wear a mask at his school. As I said, this made Emmett very uncomfortable and I can understand that. I always told him that if he was uncomfortable or he felt something wasn’t safe, I would come get him and he could finish the day remotely. That’s what we ended up doing today.

The boys spent some time going through all their assignments and turning in any work that hadn’t already been submitted. They finished up some missing assignments and we’re pretty much done with the school year now.

I’m excited to have the boys not have to worry about school for a little while and with any luck, be able to say goodbye to remote learning forever. I’m not saying that I want remote learning to suffer a slow, painful death but I’m also not saying I don’t.

I was able to get some work done. I had a couple jobs come in. I knocked them out and sent the invoices. At the end of the evening, I went on a four and a half mile walk with my mom. I felt so good after that and while it still took about ninety minutes, it felt like it was so much faster than the last time.

The kids had a good evening and got to bed at a semi-decent hour. I was able to spend some time on the phone with a friend of mine. I’m making things like that more of a priority in my life because it’s so important to keep in touch with friends as well as have grown-up conversations. It’s so good for emotional health and well-being. As we all know, that matters.

We had a busier day but I feel like it was a good one. Any day we can walk away from, is a good day in my book.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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were the boys with their mom or are they allowed to be home by themselves now? That’s fantastic and a huge leap forward if so. Good going!