Should I take this as a sign? -

Should I take this as a sign?

I wanted to share something I thought was pretty cool. I get that it’s a total coincidence but at the same time, I found it comforting and sorta symbolic.

As I was leaving the therapist last night, I had just finished revisiting one of the most painful moments of my life. It involved a call I was on during my time as a medic. As a relatively seasoned or experienced medic, I saw lots of things that most people can only imagine. I had to sorta become callus to death in order to protect myself.

It was the calls involving children, especially in horrific circumstances that my brain simply couldn’t process and my heart couldn’t bare.

Anyway, that topic was one of the things that came up last night. I never talk about those things because the only people who understand are those who’ve been there or were there and I no longer have any of those people in my life.

As I was walked out the door and made my way to the car, I was struggling with some of these memories.

In that moment, I felt like those events had just happened yesterday, instead of years ago. I ended up stopping for a minute because I wanted to collect myself before going home.

All I did was close my eyes, look up towards the sky and take a deep breath. As I exhaled, I opened my eyes and the picture below is what I saw.

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It’s certainly comforting to see a rainbow, no matter what.

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