The bathroom at Wal-Mart

So earlier this evening,  Gavin comes over and says that “Grandma took me and Emmett to Wal-Mart”.  Seemed pretty benign.

However,  what he said next completely sent me into a panic.  Now,  I’ll be real honest with you here,  I tend to kind of only half listen to Gavin sometimes.  It’s more of a self preservation type thing.  He goes on endlessly at times and it can be quite draining.

Anyway,  as I was half listening to Gavin,  I heard something come out of his mouth, that no father ever wants to hear their child say. 

Gavin continued rambling and I continue to half listen. Than,  seemingly out of nowhere,  Gavin says,  “I met someone in the Wal-Mart bathroom“. My whole world just froze for a few seconds. 

It was like the time it took for those words to leave his lips and register with my brain was an eternity.  In that half second,  as a result of everything we have already been through,  my mind went to that place.  You know the one that is a place of fear and paranoia.

I immediately sat up and said,  “WHAT?”

As it turns out,  Gavin didn’t meet anyone in the Wal-Mart bathroom that day.  He did,  however,  see someone he knows from school.

This is a great example of how Gavin can struggle with expressive lamguage.  It’s also a great example of an over protective parent almost falling over,  dead from heart attack because I thought the worst…..
🙂 🙂
Breath in…. and ooooouuut.  Crisis averted

– Lost and Tired

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Carl Young

our youngest talks non-stop while he is awake. I understand about only half listening being a means of self-preservation. 🙂 glad you and he got it sorted out though.