Today’s Victory: My kids owned the school day

The boys had a great day at school today, despite the way it was started. In my mind, that’s a total victory. 

Elliott had a great day as well and hasn’t had another issue with the kid that was bullying him last year. This of course, is super awesome as well and I’m so grateful for that.  

I should also point out that Emmett received the results of his state testing and not only did he pass with flying colors, he passed at the accelerated level. This means he will be able to move on to fourth grade next year. 
Unfortunately, he has to take the test again in the Spring, even though it won’t count for him. The way we test kids in school is ridiculous in this country. 

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Here’s a NSFW John Oliver commentary on this very subject of standardized testing.. Worth a watch, just turn the volume down… 


  1. Kim Gebhardt

    This is likely the result of the clustereff that is ‘No Child Left Behind’. I checked and it looks like Ohio requires 3rd graders to pass a reading test before they advance them to the 4th grade. This makes a tiny bit of sense; we certainly want our children reading at or above grade level; but it seems somewhat arbitrary to me. I would think that if you are going to have to pass a test to advance, more than reading should be required.

    As long as we are on the subject of school I have a question- how long do the boys go to this school? I remember when Gavin was enrolled (or you were trying to enroll him) in the high school that I think was tied to the current school, but I forget what grade that was. I guess I’m curious what their current school is doing to prepare them for high school and how much longer the boys have before they will be in different schools. And further than that, does the high school prepare them for college? I realize this is many years away, but I’m curious what you think the future holds for the younger boys.

    1. Rob Gorski

      It’s an Ohio thing as far as I know. I get the purpose but in practice, it’s ridiculous. Emmett already passed and yet he has to take it again in the Spring. These tests are so stressful for the kids. The test in the Spring won’t even count for Emmett but it does count for the school rating.

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