I’m Thankful

I’m Thankful

I thought I would take a few minutes while things are quiet and talk about what I’m thankful for. All to often, I get wrapped up in what’s going wrong,  that I forget all the many things I have to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m thankful that Gavin is doing as well as he is.  I know we are still struggling but it has been so much worse than it is right now.  All things considered,  he is doing remarkably well and I’m extremely proud of him. I’m thankful that despite the elusive diagnosis, we have many dedicated people working to help Gavin with everything that he is going through.

I’m thankful that Elliott is doing so well at school.  He struggled with the transition at first but is doing so much better now.  He enjoys going to school and they appreciate him being there.  I’m thankful that they see him as Elliott and not his diagnosis. I’m thankful that Elliott and I are so incredibly close.  I’m proud of the little man he is turning out to be.

I’m thankful that Emmett is talking.  This time last year,  I would have never thought we would have made so much progress in such a short amount of time. I’m thankful that Emmett has the best doctors in the area helping him with his health issues.  I’m thankful that his surgery went well and he recovered without major complications. I’m thankful for all his little tiny hugs and kisses.  He’s my little man,  and I couldn’t be prouder.

I thankful for my amazing wife.  Lizze works through debilitating pain,  every minute or every day,  and never gives up on her family. I’m thankful that she is who she is.  I’m thankful that we are married,  soul mates and best friends.  I’m thankful for the 3 amazing boys she has given me over the years.  I’m thankful that despite all she endures on a daily basis,  that she hasn’t given up on life.  We would all be lost without her.

I’m thankful that our family is as supportive as they are. I’m very thankful for the small breaks we get when they take one or more of the boys for the day or to spend the night. I’m thankful that we have managed to strengthen our relationships and also that we are not judged by them.

I’m thankful that our van worked without killing us or anyone else for that matter, whenever it wasn’t actually in the shop.  I’m thankful that Waterloo Transmission has worked so tirelessly to make the van safe even though I think they hate it as much as I do by now. 🙂

I’m thankful that Betterment and CKP Heating and Cooling stepped in to provide my family with Central Air so the boys were more comfortable and didn’t struggle with allergies. This also greatly improved the safety of the boys,  especially Emmett who likes to climb on the open windows. Also I’m thankful the duct work was cleaned out because it improved the air quality in the house.

I’m thankful we have a house to live in,  even if it isn’t as safe as it needs to be.  I’m thankful for the neighbors around us that are understanding of everything and show compassion rather then judgement.

I’m thankful for the Android community for showing all the amazing support for my family as well as taking up the cause of spreading Autism Awareness.  You guys are all awesome…

I’m grateful for my Android4Autism partners,  Intellijoy and Acoustic for Autism.

I’m thankful for Motorola stepping up and providing my family with an Android Tablet as well as one to give away.  We need more companies like this reaching out.

I’m thankful for all of the many, many friends I have found along my blogging journey.  I’m thankful to have met you and grateful to call you friends. I’m thankful for all the support you have rovided for my family as we work through these tough times. 

I’m thankful for the Move The Gorski’s fundraiser,  started by the McCabe’s and supported by so many of you out there.

I’m thankful to be alive after my recent brush with death during the drive by shooting a few weeks back.

I’m thankful to Stuart Duncan for providing the incredible hosting service and encouraging me to persue my blogging. 

I’m thankful that I got back on medication for my depression.

I’m thankful to ACS,  Bonsai,  k0nane and Dreams for all they have done for not only me and my family but for Autism Awareness within the Android Community.  Thanks guys.

I’m thankful for all the men and women who have fought for our freedom.  I’m thankful that they make our country and the rest of the world a safer place.  I’m grateful as well for the sacrifices their families have made as well.

I’m thankful for the peace and quiet I’m currently experiencing so that I could write this.  🙂

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Love this!! Putting into writing really brings all of our blessings to life and changes our life for the better without changing anything at all.
My recent post Entry Fifty-Seven: Thankful for Remembering to be Thankful


Really wonderful To read! Thank you for sharing 

i have been doing the whole month of November saying something i am thankful for it got tough somedays i would have to tell the truth 🙂

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