FYI: Prepare for a Netflix price hike

Prepare for a Netflix price hike (via Fox News Channel)

Streaming service says quality original programming is expensive, so you must pay

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Raynette Jones

like i can afford another dollar lol. so they need to hold up on those charges. i went to the store to by the ensure complete and it was $7 for 4 bottles and that was with a $2 coupon. i want to call and see if home health can come and give him a “banana bag” that have the vitiams etc in it. you know he was in the hospital for 10 days and got a bag a day and has been out of the hospital 2 weeks and when the dr did blood work on the 22nd his folic acid and b12 were low. how can that be!!!! he cant take pills for those vitamins as they make him sick when they hit the gi track. i have to read up more on the vitamin bag by iv again as i dont think it is good for you to get that all the time. always a freaking decision that i seem to have to make. then when i said the other day that i was mad cause they did the ivig too fast and my kid (21yr old NT) didnt tell them fluids before and after and to go slow so he wouldnt have effects. well here we go, full blown migraine today. now i am pissed again. i knew i wasnt crazy for needing the ivig to go a certain way. we will try again next month. he has to tell them. they will listen. we are paying customers bcbs. do what i ask and bill it. the whole point in him getting ivig is giving him some quality of life other than laying in bed in pain and being on pain meds. he wants better and needs better. i am praying i get one of these two jobs i am up for, but in four weeks he has to have ivig and i have to get him there somehow because you cant miss work at all. glad i just wrote that. i need to see if i can get him some transportation. I guess I will write a f****** note this time telling the drs what to do and reminding him to tell them what he needs. I honestly dont know how sick people stay alive when they cant tell the dr what they need.