Oh…The Overstimulation

Oh…The Overstimulation

OMG are my kids overstimulated from Thanksgiving. They are each driving me crazy in their own unique way.  🙂

Emmett has screaming for most of the day,  Elliott has been whining and Gavin has been in a really bad mood.  Lizze has still not found relief from her migraine and so she is absolutely miserable.

I think we will be getting Elliott or Emmett over to her parents for the night…hopefully.

Lizze and I have decided that based on their reactions to a very low key Thanksgiving,  we are going to seriously reevaluate our Christmas plans for this year.

While we may still visit immediate family,  we will limit our time away from home.  The boys simply are not coping well with the whole get together thing.  I hate doing this but we have to do what’s best for them regardless of what we or anyone else would like us to do. 

The other part of this comes down to simple survival.. Life is challenging enough with out the fallout.  Lizze can’t take anymore and honestly,  I don’t have enough left to cope with things getting any worse.

We’re implementing a temporary sensory diet as right now,  my main focus is to help these guys to decompress in a way that won’t push me over the edge or have me scrambling for my happy place.

This is vital because my happy place is no longer happy,  so it doesn’t work.  😉

How did you fine folks fare yesterday?  Are you experiencing any overstimulation with your kids and if so,  how are you dealing with it?

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My son is literally bouncing off the walls (2 days of no therapies) and my daughter is on edge with frequent meltdowns. So looking forward to Monday.

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