Trying to figure out what’s wrong when my son can’t tell us

I never got around to talking about Emmett not going to school yesterday. He was a dealing with a tummy ache on Monday and barely made it through the day. His teachers never called to tell us he wasn’t feeling well, even though he needed a trash can next to his chair while he sat with his head down.

When it came to going back the next morning, he was still dealing with a tummy ache.

We ended up keeping him home because we were with my parents the day before and now my Mom is down with the flu. He may have been legit getting sick. The other thing was that he ate his first burrito ever on Monday night. There was a school fundraiser through Chipotle, where half the proceeds went to the school. That may also have been part of the problem.

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The whole tummy ache thing is not an acute issue and has been a problem for years. It always centers around school and you would think that something must be happening to stress him out or cause him severe anxiety. To the best of our knowledge, there’s nothing going on at school that’s a been a problem (aside from the recent incident with the pencil) and he loves being there.

We’ve spoken with his doctor and ruled pretty much all actual medical issues out.

Tonight we spent Tuesday night therapy with Dr. Pattie, focused on Emmett and his tummy aches. The general consensus is that these are the result of anxiety. It makes the most sense, especially if you know Emmett. The problem is that we don’t know what’s causing the anxiety or how to help him with it.

Emmett isn’t able to tell us what’s going on. He doesn’t draw anything concerning or complain about anything happening that makes him upset.

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It’s a frustrating situation for everyone because we want him to go to school and he wants to go to school as well. He’s genuinely miserable and as much he wants to go to school, he’s afraid of being trapped there because when he doesn’t feel well, no one calls us.

I wish there was an explanation or even a solution to all of this but there isn’t.

Dr. Pattie was even suggesting that there maybe a cycle to this, similar to his fever cycles. For right now, the goal is to help him make it to school this morning and we’ll go from there.

This entire thing is so overwhelming and I wish we knew what to do. Right now we’re feeling our way through the dark until we do.