Drink your vegetables


I thought I would update everyone on Operation: Get my kids to eat their vegetables.

My little green ops mission has been met with both, success and set back. The success has been mainly with Gavin and Emmett.  Conversely,  the set backs have involved Elliott,  who is,  hands down,  the pickiest eater in the Lost and Tired household.

My goal is to get them eating their vegetables,  even without their knowledge. 

I have found a why that has been largely successful,  the smoothies.

I’ve been doing this for myself for a few years now,  but haven’t applied this to the kids until more recently. 

The deal is that if they want desert,  which they always do,  they have to have a smoothie first. This seems to work,  especially with Elliott,  at least in recent days.

Tonight’s,  Elliott inhaled his smoothie.  I was really impressed because he didn’t even complain.

Tonight’s smoothie featured the following:

Blue berries
Mixed Berries
Baby Spinach
Welches 100% dark purple grape juice
2 packets of Ideal (sweetener)

I blend it all together in my blender and the kids actually drink it.  It honestly tastes really good and it’s really good for them. 

Dark green vegetables and dark blue/black/purple berries are very good for you.  The oatmeal provides whole grains and the grape juice antioxidants. 

I figure as they get accustomed to this,  I will slowly remove the sugar over time and make it 100% O’natural……..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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You could use natural raw honey for the sweetener and it would help boost their immune system… 🙂

Onyx Panthyr

I agree with Michelle. 🙂 Raw honey is definitely full of lots of good stuff. Just be careful of the stuff in a lot of stores because it's not raw and some of it isn't even real honey! If you have a farmers market you can get to, sometimes they have it there.

You could also use pure stevia extract if you want to further cut down on sugar. I love KAL brand. It's on the pricier side, but that one bottle will last a LONG time since you literally only need a little bit. It does not have the bitter aftertaste that are a problem with the cheaper ones. I get it from here: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_

I am going to try this with my kids! Hopefully the fruit won’t upset there stomach!

Julia Hay

Well Lizze's in good company 🙂
All is well! 🙂


You could honestly, not PAY me to drink that. All those bits! Bananas and Broccoli are a no go too…I do drink one type of smoothie from one particular chain of juice bars over here but it took me until I was 18..and I still always get the same thing 🙂 (and choke on all the freaking 'bits'). Well done everyone!


Actually, the smoothies are really smooth. I invested in a nice blender last year and it does the trick. The bananas help to make it really creamy and most of the bits are completely ground up.

However, Lizze wouldn\’t drink them with someone else\’s mouth. She has major texture struggles.

I hope all is well my friend. 🙂