Just another day in the life of this #Autism family

Sunday ended up being a pretty good day.  ☺

There were quite a few challenges, ranging from OCD and perseverating thoughts to sensory issues and hyperactivity. 

Upon second thought, that’s really just another day in the life of The Autism Dad family.  💜

Emmett did quite a bit of sitting on me this afternoon but what else is new.  That’s just Emmett being Emmett and I love him for it. 

I got to snuggle Elliott for a little bit and while I’m not sure it helped him to feel much better, it’s about the only thing I can do for what’s upsetting him..


Gavin slept quite a bit today and that was kind of weird but not enough to really worry about. 

As for myself, I hit the treadmill twice and took the boys to the park to walk the track. It was beautiful outside and they did awesome. 

I’m hoping to fall asleep before it gets to be too late because I want to be at my best as my arch nemesis, Monday, marches into town once again. 

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