You know it's gonna be a bad night when...... -

You know it’s gonna be a bad night when……

I have spoken a few times about our struggles to locate all of Gavin socks that have mysteriously disappeared.

The thought crossed our minds that maybe we couldn’t find them because they were gone.….and by gone I mean digestedYouay think that sounds far fetched but the reality is quite to the contrary.

You see,  Gavin struggles with PICA.  PICA is where someone eats none food items,  like,  paper, blankets, paper clips,  plastic fish,  toilet paper, body fluids,  the stuff between your toes and the smudge inside the drain of the bathroom sink.

It sounds disgusting,  I know.  However,  those are all confirmed items,  that have been on the menu for Gavin at some point.

Knowing that he has at one point in time,  ingested each of these things,  makes the idea of him actually eating his socks….well….plausible. 

So,  having said that,  I of course had to ask him about this. I made sure he knew that I wasn’t mad,  but I needed him to be honest. So I asked him,  “Gavin,  have you eaten anything that you should not have eaten? “. 

I knew he was hiding something based solely on his reaction to my question. 

So,  back to the title of this post.  You know your going to have a bad night when you ask your son if he’s “eating his socks” and he responds,  “no daddy,  I don’t think I have,  but I have been peeling the skin off my lips and eating that. “


I don’t know whether to feel better about that or not,  ya know?

I should write a book…….

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You should write a book. It would be a darn good one! My boys have eaten some interesting things but struggle eating actual food. Sigh…


That what everyone says. I can\’t imagine a wide where I cod find the time. I have a hard enough time, keeping up with this blog anymore.

I do however, appreciate your confidence in how awesome my book would be 😉

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