I received the dreaded phone call this morning :(

With everything going so well today, what could possibly go wrong?  Take this free piece of advice and never, ever ask yourself that question because nothing good can come of it. 

It’s was about lunchtime today when I was settling into my to do list for the day. 

As I was thinking to myself, wow, today’s been a really good day so far, especially for a Monday, the phone rang.  I recognized the number and I knew it wasn’t bearing good news. 

The call was from the school and the subject was Emmett’s sick and needs to be brought home.  Of course I’m more than happy to get him but at the same time it’s like dammit, things were actually going so well…but what am I going to do….?.???

Emmett’s doing okay.  He’s having tummy issues and was at the fever threshold, based on the schools policy.  We picked up some Gatorade and apple sauce on the way home. 

It might be another one of those weeks.. 😕


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