Dear God

Dear God

We need to have a talk once again.  It seems that it has been decided that Gavin isn’t already dealing with enough. 

For some reason you have seem fit to add to his already enormous burden. 

He is now having a difficult time controlling his bladder.  This problem has been getting worse and worse.  Isn’t he already dealing with enough?

Why does one child have to bare so many burdens? I have asked this many times before but have never received an answer.  I will ask again.

Let me bare his burden. Let me carry the weight that has been placed upon his shoulders.  I don’t understand why this is unreasonable to ask.  I don’t understand why you must allow these things to continue to happen to my children and leave me powerless to help?

Why God? 

I’m waiting for an answer….and I’m growing impatient..

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You think he may have a bladder infection? I hope things get better soon. 🙁

May god provide you with an answer.

Thankfully, everything checked out ok. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I’m right there with you Marc.

Nicholas Reaves

God will put you through struggles to test your faith. He will never put you through something that he knows you can't handle. So, that means, God knows how strong and loving you are towards your kids. He knows that you and Gavin are capable of pulling through this problem, or else Gavin wouldn't have it. He is not ignoring you, you just need to continue to pray, and push through. Remember, God has a plan for you. And when you give up your plans and follow his, you will be rewarded. May God's grace and mercy be with you always Rob Gorski.

Asha Persaud

I used a natural product made from milk for my son with Autism/adhd and today he is doing tremendously well…just like a normal child. If interested my email is


I'm with ya on this..I'm still waiting for my answers…hope things look brighter for you and yous!!

Marc Tomor on Facebook

God confuses me sometimes Rob…I hear u loud and clear…enough already …our kids deserve a break.


bladder control can have so many different psychological and biological reasons… here's to hoping you can find answers! Good luck and you're in my prayers!

Julia Hay on Facebook

🙁 poor Gavin.

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