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We were out most of the afternoon with various errands and doctors appointments for Gavin. 

My mom was kind enough to pick Elliott up from school for us because we were otherwise indisposed.  Instead of bringing him straight home she hung out with him for a few hours and brought him home a little bit ago.

Within minutes of Elliott arriving in the house,  he started bouncing everywhere and ended up falling and cracking his knee on the floor.

Even before that,  he had already started with the whining and crying.  After he fell,  it kicked into high gear. My mom hadn’t even left yet and all the drama started.

He was fine while he was with her.  While I’m glad he did great at his grandparents house,  it’s frustrating to have things go down hill the moment he arrives home.  This usually helps me to feel maybe I’m doing something wrong.

My guess is that the atmosphere of the Lost and Tired house is perhaps a bit overwhelming for him. 

I mean,  afterall,  as a 33 year old man,  I have a hard time coping much of time.  Elliott is only 5 years old and does not yet possess the same coping skills that have helped to survive this long.  The is very frustrating for me,  because often time,  I feel like right thing to do for him to remove him from the environment as often as possible

Either way,  if all this whining and crying doesn’t stop,  I fear I just might end up in the fetal position,  rocking back and forth the theme song from Barney.

Thankfully,  I have everyone in bed and settled in for the night.  Tuesday brings with it a very busy schedule and since I have been up for the past 36 hours,  I should try to get some sleep. 

Wish me luck.  😉

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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Yet another post I can relate to!

Onyx Panthyr

I really hope you get yourself some rest.


I hear you! My son's teacher seems shocked when I share some of his behaviors. My take on many kiddos is that they feel comfortable at home; free and safe to show their true colors for the most part. Even still, I know how you feel and sometimes we blame ourselves as parents.
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I completely get it. My kids can "behave" with their grandparents and then "meltdown" when we come back and then the grandparents think it's all us! They just don't get it!
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Julia Hay

Maybe this will make you feel better 🙂