Tubby time or bath time. Whatever you call it, how do your kids with #Autism handle it?

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We do tubbies (bath time) about every other day.  The reason is that a) it’s exhausting and not always a pleasant experience for anyone and b) the boys have eczema, meaning they’re quite prone to over dry skin. 

Tonight is tubby night and we try to start shortly after dinner.

Gavin does pretty well showering all by himself.  We have to remind him to hang up the towels and stuff but he can setup everything up and wash himself.  

Elliott and Emmett can be a mixed bag. 

Sometimes the E’s can have a really bad time in the bath tub and other times they can do just fine. 

How do you your kids do at tubby time.  (^_-)


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Rose Morrissey Barron

Call it ” like a washing” only hava shower n he hates th sound so we fill a baby bath fr him t sit in!

Carrollynn Henshaw

Can’t get my son out of the tub. Do you know how much all that water costs in the desert? A bunch!

Shelley Blundell

My son hates bath/shower time the only way he has one is because it’s on his chart so grateful for his chart


what a great pic!!!!!!!!!! again mine arent autistic but that is why i like to be here giving my perspective on my two nt kids to give you a close up look at what could be just plain old kid stuff. Oldest son always took a bath, turned into a teen and stayed in the shower forever (it took me a long time to figure out why) lol. He has never used a come for his hair. he doesnt like the way it feels and he runs his fingers thru it and it looks great, he is 26 now but he hasnt used a comb since he started caring what his hair looked like. my youngest that is now 21 and chronically ill, never liked a bath as a child but did without fuss becaue he was dirty from sports. here is where it gets interesting. my sick one that had the bone marrow transplant at 11 had chemo too and had to bathe no matter that you felt you were fixing to die for real, you had to bathe to get that chemo off your skin that is coming out your pores. even all these years later he hates to take a bath or shower. it makes him nauseas. cold water, hot water, bath or shower. he does realize that this is “all in his head” as it is his mind/body reacting like ptsd. he also cant use anything with pepermint taste from the mouthwash that he was forced (medicinally) to use at that time. so long story short since he doesnt go any where and it does make him sick he bathes once a week. I will tell you this though that when he stays at his brothers (who loves to have him visit for a month or two at a time) HE BATHES EVERYDAY. lol. that is part of the “rules at brother’s house”. there are only three rules, bathe everyday, take your medicine without being told, and text mama everyday to let her know you are alive. works for me