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I’m so stressed out my head is pounding right now.  I just came back into the house from off the roof. 

Emmett ran full force,  right into the window in Elliott’s bedroom.  Thankfully,  it was the windows I fixed last winter,  when Emmett did the same thing.

I don’t understand why he does this.  My thoughts were centering around sensory related issues but who knows.
When I replaced the original glass pane the last time,  I used plexy glass for the repairs.  It was way more expensive than glass,  but it more than paid for itself today.

If Emmett had done this again with a glass pane,  he could have sustained very serious injuries.

Luckily,  the plastic absorbed most of the impact and simply buckled and partially popped out of place. Despite the the plastic absorbing the impact,  he still could have gone through the 2nd story window.

The other saving grace was that the storm window was already down so it stopped him from completely going through.

Elliott and Gavin were screaming and I raced upstairs,  expecting the worst.  My heart hasn’t slowed down yet and my blood pressure is through the roof,  but everyone is OK.

The only thing I can think to do is put furniture in front of the windows.  The problem with that is Emmett would likely climb said furniture and play with the top of the window.  That would be equally,  if not more dangerous.

Any ideas?  I completely open to any that doesn’t involve putting Emmett in a cage.  😉


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I think decals are a good idea, especially if you could find one that looks like a stop sign, or something that may catch his eye for a moment. I am glad he is ok!!


We have those cheap lattice baby gates in front of some of our windows (screwed in) and have heavy quilts stapled over others.

What about security bars? We had them in Albuquerque because of the crime rate but they can also keep things in…


Maybe try putting window decals on the window so he knows its closed. What was he doing before he slammed into the window (both times)? Near bedtime? Playing with his brother?
Figuring out what the purpose of the behavior is (rather than just the reaction to his slamming into the window) might help prevent in the future.

Elliott's mom

My son used to climb out the windows, thankfully I don't have two stories! I went to the hardware store and got some window locks, they have the twist kind and some with hex keys. Both are under 10 dollars, those were for sliding windows though~Good luck and so glad he's ok. I also had to replace a window or two with plexy glass 🙂


We had similar issues and put up plastic lattice. It was hinged and had a simple latch on the side, so it wasn't a problem to undo it in an emergency, but it kept the kid in the room. We lived in a 100 year old house where there were 8 ft windows that started 2ft off the ground at the time so the lattice was only on the bottom part as a sort of safety net.

deep breath…or deep sigh!

wow so glad hes ok! sounds crazy but we just had new screen doors put up on our porch and at the bottom there is a screen panel guard that goes over the outside of the screen so the dogs dont tear it but it is really sturdy and it just screws in on the sides. it would be perfect over the plexiglass section and is not that costly. doesnt give and you can still see thru it

So glad Emmett is alright. I can only imagine the stress at your house. No idea why he would do that. Wish I could help you 🙁