Autism, my sanity and the holidays

Screaming.  That’s all I have heard this weekend.  Between Elliott whining,Emmett screaming and Gavin melting down,  the little bits of sanity I had left are now refugees fleeing to safety somewhere far away.

I used to love the holidays,  however,  now all I can see is the overstimulation it brings. 

Someone needs to invent something like sunblock,  only it would filter out all the things that would be deemed overstimulation. Thus preserving my children and subsequently my sanity.

Sadly there is nothing out there that can provide the same results other than avoiding the activities that contribute to the overstimulation. 

That just sucks.

The main issue at this point is just how fragile Gavin has become. It takes nothing to set him off anymore.  We narrowly avoided a meltdown already this morning. While the other two boys could likely handle the excitement of the holidays with little more than some hyperactivity,  Gavin won’t fare as well.
I’m not sure that avoiding these holiday gatherings will make much of a difference at this point,  but it certainly shouldn’t make anything worse….at least I hope.

I’m back to the point that I’m trying to filter out Gavin’s voice,  which sounds terrible,  I know. 

He just never stops talking.  If he’s not talking,  he’s melting down.  Filtering him out is a matter of survival.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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A little off topic but have you tried tinted glasses for any of your boys? Sometimes it can help with visual overstimulation and with depth perception. My son does better with light brown shades but I have heard of other colors working as well.

I would give anything for a mute button in our house. Countdown till Christmas is torture for a child (and his parents) who has no concept of time and is asking “how long now?” over and over and over…