Prayers and good thoughts are needed

Please say a prayer for Lizze.  She went into the emergency room a little bit ago.  Her migraine is so bad that she has become unsteady on her feet and sick every time she eats.  It’s also been 3 days since she has been able to sleep.

I had to sorta strong arm her in order to get her to go.  She is very reluctant to go to the hospital because of the approach many doctors take to patients suffering with fibromyalgia.

In our experience,  there are quite a few doctors that don’t buy into this disorder and subsequently treat those seeking relief as drug seekers. While there are people out there looking for their next fix,  people with fibromyalgia, live every single day in almost constant pain.

Wanting relief from the pain isn’t wrong or weak.  I can’t imagine what my wife goes through on a daily basis.

Her mother came and picked Lizze up and took her.  It was the quickest and easiest way to get her there.  I’m staying with the boys until my mother comes and picks up Emmett.  

Please say a prayer for Lizze.  You can follow her at @fibromamaby3

Thank you all..

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I can’t even imagine. Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Onyx Panthyr

Keeping you guys in my prayers. One of my best friends has fibro and my mom gets migraines (me, rarely). I can't imagine what Lizze goes through with both all the time. Gods bless.

Done and done. Good luck guys.


She's in my thoughts and prayers! It can be so hard to get treatment for anything when you have a fibro diagnosis; everything gets blamed on it. I went with several undiagnosed issues (Celiac, Thyroid, Psoriatic arthritis) for two decades because every ill was blamed in my fibro and 'there's no effective treatment, so bye' mentality.

Special energy to you, too, with the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!