I'm Grateful -

I’m Grateful

I swear to God that Emmett was programed for destruction.  Don’t get me wrong,  he’s sweet,  adorable and amazing but he is also very destructive.

It’s like his goal for each day is to make as big of a mess as possible.  Let me just say,  he is quite efficient at doing this.

The one thing he does that just drives me crazy is his pension for destroying Elliott’s bedroom.  He will go into Elliott’s room and pull all the clothes out of the dresser and completely strip the bed.  Then he flips the freaking mattress off the box spring.

He does this every single day and I have no idea why. 

All I know is that I am so very tired of having to put it back together at the end of every day.  Oh,he also likes ripping the blinds off the windows as well. 

I have tried to make him help put it all back together,  but we’ll just say that doesn’t go over very well. 

With all that said,  and as frustrating as this is for me,  I’ll get over it.  Every time he runs up to be with his cheesy grin and gives me a hug and kiss,  I just melt. 

I’m not sure if he’s caught onto the yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has.  🙂

I find it truly amazing, not only how much destruction one 3 year old can be responsible for but also how quickly he can change my mood from one of frustrating irritation to actually feeling grateful.

I‘m grateful that he is here to do all of these things.  I’m grateful he can now say the words,  “I’m sorry Daddy”.

I’m grateful he has come so far in such a short amount of time. 

The truth is,  that while it drives me crazy when he does stuff like destroy Elliott’s room,  at the same time,  I’m glad he’s able to do that and in the end,  I’m happy to pick it up.  🙂

Life is a matter of perspective.  Sometimes the slightest change in that perspective can make all the difference in the world.

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