The whining is wearing thin

I realize that Elliott is struggling with anxiety but good lord, is it ever getting old.

I’m keenly aware that it’s far worse for Elliott but damn, it headache inducing and beyond frustrating. As time goes on, it gets worse and worse.

There has to be something I can do to provide him with relief.

Problem is, I don’t know what that something is. For now, I just continue to extend to him both compassion and understanding.

In truth, the whining is very quickly becoming like nails in a chalk board for me and I know Lizze is struggling with it as well. Heck, I know Elliott doesn’t di it in purpose, so it must be exhausting for him as well.

There is no way to really make our lives less stressful, at least at this point so I have to try and just absorb as much of it as I possibly can to avoid Elliott having to instead.

He’s already in therapy at least once a week and it no longer seems to be enough. As a last result, we must consider
the possibility that he may need helped by medications.

I hate the idea of  Elliott being on medications but if it can provide him with a better, higher quality of life, it might be worth it.

At the Lost and Tired house, we never take medications lightly. We always do our research and only ever medicate when it’s in the best interest of that particular child.

Do any of you have experience with anti anxiety meds with your child, on or around the age of 5? Could use some advice.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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first of all, keyboard broken — itsa laptop and ted spit on it, twice, on purpose. like a lot, a huge mouthful he saved for who knows what reason
how about catapres/tenax to take the edge off/
its a beta blocker, which they use to lower blood pressure but it can also have other purposes. we can take it regularly, or during a meltdown. i like it better than other psych drugs but if i give him too too much, he gets headaches when he comes off it. he was better on the lower dose. still, done right, it can really help and you're not hitting psych med territory.

Cheri Heupel

My youngest started Prozac at 4 and is now 5 and on Celexa. We find the Celexa works really well for him. It was like a complete life-changer. We are EXTREMELY cautious about meds and my only regret was the possibility of starting it sooner. He is SO much happier and relaxed and can actually have a life. He isn't just a raw nerve being inundated with sensory overload and the associated anxiety. He was at almost OCD levels and I don't think he has any rituals left except always insisting on being first, but I think that is just a general 5 year old boy thing intensified by his Autism.


Prozac is also one of the few meds that comes in an equiv. generic quality and a liquid form, if that works better for you.
My recent post Viri Pax


My son started taking Prozac when he was 6. It was the single best thing we ever did for him. He let go of tons of his routines, which were anxiety based. He had dramatically fewer meltdowns, and was generally happier. It's not a cure all, but it helped immensely.